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How To Choose Original Perfume Online in Malaysia

Original Perfume Online In Malaysia

How do we choose original perfume online in Malaysia? One of the main questions in your mind when you first start shopping for cheap perfume online in Malaysia is probably “How can they afford to sell perfume at such low prices?” It’s smart to be sure that something you’re getting online isn’t too good to be true. When it comes to reputable cheap perfume websites,  there’s a reason they can offer such discounted prices to the consumer.

Whether you want to buy the newest leading fragrance or are hunting for a hard-to-find scent from a niche perfumery, perfume actually doesn’t come with an expiry date if it has not used yet, but it’s delicate enough to require proper storage.

Get To Understand Fragrance Terms

To purchase original perfume online, you just need to know what kind of scent do you prefer.

Take Notes (Perfume Ingredients)

Not written notes, rather, know which category you prefer – woodsy, floral, oriental, citrus, aquatic, etc. Different companies may use anywhere from three to seven different note classifications, but any of these can give you a solid idea of whether that fragrance will appeal to your personal tastes. A great way to get an idea of your preferences is to visit one of the fragrance counters or perfume shops in a retail establishment and do plenty of hands-on testing.

Fresh: consists of citrus, green, and organic. If you are looking for something outdoorsy and youthful.

Floral:  Notes from roses, lilies and jasmine. You will also find floral blends, like fruity floral( eg strawberries, pomegranate, or guava) and floral oriental (eg vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon).You will find both a pretty big range of options when it comes to floral scents.

Woodsy: Perfect for those who like to be both outdoorsy and sophisticated. In this category, you will find notes of sandalwood, birchwood and cedar.

Oriental: It is perfect for people with a sensual, exciting personality to match. You will find notes of vanilla, musk nutmeg, coriander,etc.

It can definitely be a bit more challenging to buy perfume online than in person, however the cost savings are significant so it’s worth the effort to learn how to choose without smelling if you’re looking to save on your scents.

Pay Attention to Color

That might seem strange advice for buying perfume online, however, you’ve probably noticed that certain bottle colors represent a specific type of fragrance. Golds speak to a rich, formal scent, while blues are typically used for fresh, clean perfumes and colognes. Greens, of course, tend toward nature-like notes, and black packaging is indicative of a deep, mysterious, masculine smell.

Try Some Samples

You can buy samples of almost any fragrance you can think of from The Scent . It is fairly good idea of what kind of fragrance you like or you don’t even know where to start, the best thing to do is try out a variety of samples.


Shop At Reputable Sites

Once you find a fragrance you love and want to commit to, make sure you purchase it from a reputed site. Here, choose the best site so you can purchase original perfume online like a pro.  The Scent will not only offer you wide range of international brands perfumes and has a good buyer protection program that guarantees your money back.

January 20, 2018
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