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How to Buy Perfume for Her?

No one has ever said it was easy to choose the right perfume for the right person, and this is true. It has proven to be a very difficult task.

Below are some tips to help you buy the right perfume that will ‘WOW’ that special lady in your life.

Consider the Concentration
If she’s a newcomer to the perfume world or if you don’t quite know what she would enjoy, then hold back on the potency and go for a cologne or toilette. These scents are less powerful than eau de parfums which generally are favoured by those who know exactly what they like. Always play safe!

Consider the Situation
Is she a career woman? Consider her lifestyle, habits and personality, and choose a perfume to follow suit. Beguiling, mesmerizing orientals may be a hit in the bedroom, but are not always wise for the boardroom where something more sophisticated and tame would be appreciated. Think of what situation she is most likely to wear the perfume, and let this guide your nose.

Big Doesn’t Means Value for Money
It is not always necessary to reach for the biggest bottle, particularly if you’re unsure as to whether she will agree with your choice. Sometimes a smaller size is a wise decision so that she may get to know her new perfume without the daunting prospect of owning two liters of the stuff! You can then invest the money you’ve saved in a matching perfumed body lotion that she can use to accompany her scent.

For the Gentleman…
Ask yourself, “do the majority of the perfumes smell fruity?/ flowery?/ musky?/ leafy?/ powdery?,” and relay that information to the beauty adviser available. Chances are he or she will be able to help you narrow down the hundreds of bottles on counter to just one that captures the true essence of your special lady.

By following these basic rules, you can avoid wrinkled noses and ugly standoffs with your partner, and make educated, individual choices that she will remember for a lifetime.

Good Luck!

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