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Factice Dummy Perfume

What Is Big Size Factice Dummy Perfume?

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Big Size Factice Dummy Perfume

The big size factice perfume dummy is the bottle to help many shops to display their merchandises.  We can easily notice them on window displays and on the counters themselves only. A perfume dummy is not a tester.

Factices don’t have real perfume or cologne in them; dummy perfume usually filled with a solution made to resemble the real perfume. In the early days, factice filled with perfume. As time went on, manufacturers began to use coloured water. Dummy bottles contain a type of colored antifreeze, a mixture of rubbing alcohol or formaldehyde, or glycogen which is used in most examples.

Dummy Perfume also named Commercial Perfume Bottles

The bottles are exact replicas of the normal perfume bottles.  The perfume manufacturer usually makes all sizes, from miniatures to large Factices. The sweet little miniatures are currently very popular. Perfume lovers like to collect miniatures, it’s usually a giveaway product with regular size purchase.  Today, consumers buy miniatures  instead of offering a  giveaway as a free gift.

As A Perfume Collection

Factices come in a variety of sizes from small to giant. Most people like to collect  big perfume dummy than the smaller size of dummy bottles. Perfume dummies become popular as factices are  limited  . It can become highly prized collectibles and investments.

To handle display factice dummy in a shop window  is never a fear of ruining the scent within from the interaction of direct sunlight. Sometimes dummy is on loan, they are usually returned back to the perfume house and not sold publicly.

The older factices were made of glass or crystal, today they are usually made of plastic or acrylic. The bases may be acid stamped or etched with “dummy, “factice” or a “D” engraved into the glass.

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